Ok, you need to save money on your homeowner insurance quote in Hawaii. Here is some great information to help you do just that. Homeowner insurance in Hawaii for a house, or condo falls in the upper mid-range of average insurance rates in the U.S. Average annual premiums in the state cost $776.

The state of Hawaii, however, is noted for a wide variety of natural perils. The most common of these perils are hurricanes, flash floods and earthquakes. Unlike other states, Hawaii is a high-risk area for volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. In fact, records have shown that the state experiences, on average, one tsunami per year. It is not surprising therefore, that homeowner insurance in Hawaii is slightly more expensive than other mid-level states.

It is precisely because of the threat of natural disasters that basic insurance policies in Hawaii provide homeowners with the opportunity to avail of important add-ons at reasonable prices.

The most important add-on coverage that every Hawaiian resident should consider are the following…

· Flood Coverage - Protects the home from damages caused by flash floods and hurricane-related floods. This is NOT the same as the coverage in basic policies that provide protection against floods caused by busted washers, water heaters, and air conditioners. Available as a rider to the standard homeowner policy, one could also avail of flood coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program. In addition, it should be noted that hurricane wind damage IS covered by the standard policy.

· Earthquake - Protects the home from damages caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruption-related tremors.

·  Volcanic eruptions – Aside from eruption-related quakes, this coverage applies to damages caused by ash falls, lava flows, pyroclastic flows, lahars, and falling debris that have been blown out of the volcano’s crater. Coverage for damage caused by volcanic eruptions should be included in the basic policy. But if this peril is excluded in the standard policy, the homeowner should make inquiries with their insurance provider.

· Tsunami Coverage – This coverage provides protection for flood damages caused by tsunamis.

While obviously there is very little that a homeowner could do to protect himself or herself from natural disasters, there are ways by which they could get discounts on their premiums. To be assured that a homeowner is getting excellent coverage at an affordable price, he or she should compare rates of the various insurance providers in the state. Homes that are near the coast or active volcanoes and are far from fire stations would naturally have higher premiums. But, minimum discounts could also be obtained for these houses if they are built from brick, concrete or sturdier construction materials. The installation of security alarms and protective devices have equivalent premium discounts as stated in the policy. Last but certainly not least, smoking is considered a fire hazard among insurance providers. Homeowners could avail of discounts if they or members of their family would quit the habit of smoking.

Because of the uniqueness of the conditions in the state, potential property buyers are advised to consult with their insurance companies or directly to the Hawaii’s Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs for their concerns regarding homeowner insurance in Hawaii.


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Homeowner insurance in Hawaii provides coverage in the event of damage to your property from theft, fire, floods, and natural disasters as well as protects you from liability for injuries or damage caused to people on your property. The right homeowner insurance plan  can help you make the best choices about this important protection for you and your family. Get free quotes on homeowner insurance in Hawaii above.

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