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A homeowner insurance policy is designed to protect you, and your belongings from financial harm due to theft, fire, flood, or even liability if someone gets injured while on your property. A homeowner insurance policy is one of the cheapest types of coverage for your protection each year compared to other types of insurance.

A typical homeowner insurance policy can run about $500 per year to about $1600 per year depending on the home, the occupants and the contents, and the location of the property.

Renters insurance policies are designed for people who either prefer to rent, or you simply cannot afford to purchase a house on their own. These types of homeowner insurance policy actually protects the renter from liability, and the contents of the home. The actual owner of the property is the one that will be carrying the major portion of the financial burden for coverage on the property. Because of this, the rates for a renters insurance policy are quite inexpensive to purchase.