This website is owned and operated as an independent affiliate marketer for NetQuote.com While we maintain current insurance licenses for our respective lines of business, we do not collect any data from this website other that internet traffic statistics for our own use in better serving our website visitors.

The information we collect is simply limited to the location the visitor came from before landing on our website. We do not track any statistics other than keywords used, and the search engine (if any) were used for our site visitors to find this website.

Once a visitor clicks on a button for receiving a quote on home owner insurance from this site, they leave the safety provisions of this website and we are no longer responsible for your destination, or for the security of your personal information.

As licensed professionals in the financial fields, we are always very concerned about our customers and the security of their personal and private information. We have chosen our affiliate carefully and know that our site visitors data will be protected by the third party vendors with all of the latest security technology once a visitor leaves our website.

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