Homeowner insurance in Wyoming for first time buyers, condos, and manufactured homes is in the lower mid-range of annual premiums in the U.S. Average insurance rates in the state cost approximately $648.

Residents of Wyoming are among the most insurance-conscious in the country. Considering that the state is prone to a wide variety of perils, it is a must for every resident to purchase an insurance policy to protect their homes and personal property.

Homeowner insurance in Wyoming is composed of six types of coverage. These are:

Dwelling:  Provides protection to the actual structure of the house

Other structures:  Provides protection to detached structures of the home, such as garages, sheds or swimming pools

Personal Property:  Covers the contents of the home, such as furniture, appliances, electronic devices, clothing and other possessions.

Loss of use:  Pays for all the expenses of the homeowner and his/her household would need to maintain a normal standard of living while the home is being repaired or rebuilt. Covered here are food, clothing and apartment rental fees, just to name a few.

Personal Liability:  Covers lawsuits and claims resulting from bodily injury or property damage to another person that the court deems the homeowner and/or his household responsible for

Medical Payments:  Covers the medical expenses of individuals who are injured on the homeowner’s property. This coverage does not extend to the homeowner and his/her household.

Although the standard policy lists such perils as windstorms, snow and hail, fire, theft and vandalism, excluded are earthquakes and floods. Occasional seismic activity does occur in the state, and spring brings with it the risk of floods due to the runoff of melting snow. Earthquake coverage is a special add-on to the basic policy that could be purchased at extra cost. Flood coverage is also a rider to the standard policy or it could be availed as a separate insurance plan from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Wyoming homeowners are noted for being knowledgeable about getting the right insurance plan through a reputable insurance company.

Based on their experiences, there are four important considerations when choosing in insurance provider. These are:

Company longevity:  How many years has the company been in business? The longer the insurance provider has been in business, the more stable it is.

Financial Stability:  Does the company pay policy claims promptly? One could check the insurance provider’s Standard and Poor’s rating. A low rating could spell delays in payouts.

Service Level:  Service level could not be judged by a mere phone call with the insurance company. It is important to check for this information in insurance company review sites. Insurance providers with poor reviews (such as complaints) from their clients need to be steered clear of.

Price:  Compare quotes. The ideal insurance provider should provide the best coverage at an affordable cost.

Every homeowner should follow the example of Wyomingites who put a lot of value in homeowner insurance in Wyoming, knowing that this very important document accords protection to their homes and personal belongings.

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